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Snooze Juice Oils BoxSet - For Better Sleep

Snooze Juice Oils BoxSet - For Better Sleep

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Introducing Snooze Juice Box Set: Unwind and Sleep Soundly


  • Lavender Essential Oil: A calming floral scent that promotes relaxation and eases into a peaceful sleep.
  • Coconut Oil: A nourishing carrier oil with a gentle tropical aroma, perfect for soothing the senses.
  • Argan Oil: A luxurious carrier oil rich in antioxidants, offering deep hydration and a sense of tranquility.
  • Snooze Blend: A dreamy fusion of lavender, coconut, and argan oils for a harmonious blend that aids in sleep and relaxation.


  • Promotes a restful night's sleep
  • Calms the mind and body
  • Enhances bedtime relaxation


  • Lavender Essential Oil:

  • Diffusion: Add a few drops to a diffuser in your bedroom for a soothing and calming atmosphere.
  • Pillow Spray: Mix with water and spritz on your pillow before bedtime for a tranquil sleep environment.
  • Coconut Oil:

  • Body Moisturizer: Apply directly to the skin for a hydrating and calming effect before bedtime.
  • Relaxing Bath: Add a few drops to your bath for a soothing and nourishing soak.
  • Argan Oil:

  • Hair and Scalp Treatment: Massage into hair and scalp for a calming and luxurious pre-sleep ritual.
  • Facial Massage: Apply a few drops to your face for a calming facial massage before bedtime.
  • Snooze Oil Blend:

  • Bedtime Massage: Dilute with a carrier oil and use for a calming and relaxing full-body massage.
  • Diffusion: Blend with a carrier oil and diffuse in your bedroom for a sleep-inducing aroma.

Transform your bedtime routine into a serene experience with the Snooze Juice Box Set. Unwind, relax, and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with the calming power of lavender, coconut, and argan oils.

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